Choosing The Perfect Fence System For Your Dog

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Choosing The Perfect Fence System For Your Dog

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The containment without fence is perfect solution to keep your pets safe and secured inside the invisible boundary zone. If you want to have a best wireless fence system, you must consider some aspect before choosing them.
There are number of models available on the market, which vary in their specification and price. So, first identify why you need to have a fence and what need it must fulfill.
These days, one of the most popular and reliable wireless dog fences is, PetSafe brand, recommended by all pet experts.
Wireless Dog Fence’s pros & Cons:
Like other products, wireless dog fences have also certain benefits and drawbacks.


Easy to install – you can set up the wireless dog fence systems in a few minutes. There is no need to dig out or bury wires, so with a minimal concern and time, you can easily create a safe area for your pet.

Portable – it is a perfect system for those individuals who are on the go with their pets, because they are easy to carry on vacation or camping.
Inexpensive – the wireless dog fences are less costly as compared to have a metal of wooden fence, designed to keep your dog inside the boundary.
Boundary Wobble – the main issue through which all wireless dog fences come across are boundary wobble. The movement of boundary line instantly varies from 2 to 8 feet. This might create difficulty for your pets to learn where the boundary is.
Retreat Response – Your dog must retreat the distance before they stop getting static correction. The repeated retreat signals correction can be confusing for them.
Obstructions – another drawback to the Wireless dog fence systems is the obstructions, several factors like metal box, terrains, landscapes etc. affect the operating range, and create hindrance on the way of signals.

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